Friday, January 11, 2013

Sky+Box * HD TV = Fun Eyes

Sky+Box * HD TV = Fun Eyes

Sky+ box Take charge of how you watch TV with Sky+. Pause, rewind, record and store, so you’ll never miss a moment of the TV you love.

Sky boxes
Pause, rewind, record and store TV with our selection of Sky+ boxes. All of our boxes are ready for HD and 3D and you can enjoy even more storage with our Sky+HD 2TB box.

Even without a subscription can still enjoy HD channels and movies channels are equivalent to paid channels, such as: B Channel, ZING TV, DIVA Universal, Universal, FX Movies, MTV Music, Sport mpeg2 formats such as standar Defenition, Bloomberg TV, Fashion TV.

Just quite simply put Skybox + dish and then do the scanning in the direction of the satellite and we will get hundreds of FTA channels.


  • Pause and rewind live TV
  • Record an entire series at the touch of a button
  • 250GB of space to record Sky TV
  • 185 hours of standard TV
  • Or around 60 hours of HD TV
  • Connect your Sky+ box to any broadband router to enjoy TV on demand,
    now including Catch Up TV with BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and Demand 5
  • Control your Sky+ box on the move with the Sky+ app
  • Ready for HD and 3D
  • 12 month contract and standard installation within two weeks
  • Full HD 1080p / MPEG4
  • HDMI - RCA Connector 
  • USB Support
  • Record Movies/Music capable.

Receiver can work smoothly and quickly in the replacement channel can record tv shows to a flash or hard drive can play a song mp3, mpeg4 movie, mkv, avi, jpeg images of flashdish
Full HD 1080P and mpeg4 so it can catch free as a news channel, Kompass TV,

Support Bisskey , It is suitable for TV full HD or HD ready is guaranteed fun eye
With a satellite dish c band wire / solid + 6feet or can to catch the free tv channels such as RCTI, Indosiar Trans, ESPN HD, National Geographic HD et al without internet
suitable for all types of satellite dish and LNB of any kind such as indovision, wire, top tv, AORA TV, centrin tv, tv orange


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